miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Cruise to galapagos Islands

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and explore the Galapagos Islands of the archipelago in a cruise on the Equator line, anchored in quiet bays with long white beaches, relax on a cruise among the Islands and moored at small ports try to observe whales, dolphins and flying fish. During the excursions you explores the endemic flora and fauna of the islands along with their experienced naturalist guide. You will also have some opportunities to swim and make snorkelling in the Pacific Ocean, discovering the tropical wild life under the water of the Galapagos Marine Reserve. If you are lucky you can see sea turtles going slowly or swimming with playful sea lions

Aboard your cruise you can enjoy a friendly service, and delicious meals, your guide will teach you more about the unique nature of the Islands, and will have a good night's rest in your comfortable cabin.

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